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Wizard" television show, which premiered in I like to use this demonstration at the beginning of my unit on heat and pressure to introduce the concept of air pressure. It is a great and inexpensive demonstration to illustrate the way temperature affects pressure and students are absolutely fascinated by the results.

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This simple; however complex, investigation is a great attention getter for learning about forces and atmospheric forces. May the Force be with You. Materials: per group.

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Put the jar in a tray the jar may crack in the next stage so this will catch any spillage of hot water. When you add the match or the hot water you cause the air inside to expand, this will push the egg up slightly and some air will escape. As the air then cools down again it starts to shrink, this pulls the egg down and forms a good seal.

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An interesting science fair project that demonstrates an understanding of air pressure is putting an egg into a bottle. Fitting an egg inside of a bottle requires only a few household supplies. Photograph each step of the project to display on your science fair board for a well-rounded presentation.

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Did you know you can squeeze a hard-boiled egg into a glass milk jug without breaking it? It just takes some pressure manipulation. Cut a small strip of paper 1 inch wide and 3 inches long 2.

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Soaking an egg in vinegar and then sucking it through a bottle is like two experiments in one. By soaking the egg in vinegar, the shell — which is made up of calcium carbonate — gets eaten away, leaving the membrane of the egg intact. Sucking an egg through a bottle is done by changing the atmospheric pressure in the bottle by adding heat.

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At what temperature setting should you first boil an egg in order to get it inside a bottle? Not exactly! Guess again!

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The egg in a bottle experiment is a scientific classic that will fascinate kids and teach them about heat and air density. When molecules heat up — in the presence of a flame, for example — they tend to move away from each other. Try it out for yourself!

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Be very careful when you use matches and light the piece of napkin or piece of paper and drop it in the bottle. Be sure you know the safety tips for lighting matches and handling them. You may want to do this experiment as a demonstration and have an adult handle the matches.

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The egg in a bottle demonstration is an easy chemistry or physics demonstration you can do at home or in the lab. You set an egg on top of a bottle as pictured. Air pushes the egg into the bottle.


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