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At age 24, she underwent tubal ligation, saying she wouldn't want to risk passing on her mother's gene pool. To answer your question: She looks thin and fit and, most of all, happy she could do this one last little favor for Mom and Dad. I wonder if she planned it from the day she started hitting the gym, or if it came to her in a revelation, or if she just happened to bump into one of the Hefners at a hot-tub party. Well, there's a new episode, just out. And Ron ran the country as if each day were another chance to play the lead in "Father Knows Best. I mean, she could have just taken a knife and cut her parents' hearts out. Face it, if given the choice, you'd rather bring the Menendez brothers into the world than Patti Davis.

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For a parent, particularly one who happens to be a former president, particularly a former president who also happens to have invented the term "family values," this has to be the ultimate humiliation.

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Casey. Age: 22.
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Does posing nude let Patti Davis bare her hostility, too?

At least, with the Menendez boys, it would be over quickly. Eventually, after Ron became president, she would write two novels about a family that was only slightly less dysfunctional than the Borgias. Reagan finding his daughter romping around in Playboy with the rest of the sybarites. Here's my memory of the Reagan administration.

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