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When I rewatch this movie as an adult I realize Lola Bunny is more of a fetish then a legitimate heroine for little girls. When it came to screen-time, men favored women in one of the smallest gaps ever; 53 to This is not the character that truly empowers young girls, but is a manifestation of what men think women should be: She can be good at sports, but she should also look good doing it. Her role in this movie becomes even more clear when she walks onto the screen for the first time soundtracked by sexy femme fatale music that shows her swinging her hips in cutoff shorts and a crop top. For everything wrong with Lola, there are good things that even now are worth noting: She is confident. She was flawed as a heroine because this wasn't about spreading feminism, but hitting a sales quota. It was as if the world was ready to give little girls strong women to look up to.

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She was there to sell T-shirts and dolls to athletic little girls who were tired of feeling left out.

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The Mary Sue even wrote a plea to anyone involved in Space Jam 2, asking that they do better by Lola. Lola Bunny was proof that little girls could compete with boys and win. It was a step in the right direction when it came to portraying strong female heroes. They did this by trying to sell it as girl power at a time when little girls needed to see other women doing all the things men did.

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