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This American Presidential election race hasn't been a pleasant thing to watch. In fact, it's been a well-manicured, expensively-buffed torrent of slander, seeking to debase candidates on both sides. All the usual smear campaign tactics have been employed, as you'd expect, but a man named Jerome R.

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It was a new look for the White House: illuminated in rainbow colors to celebrate the Supreme Court decision allowing same-sex marriage nationwide. Obama took office in as a self-described "fierce advocate" for gay rights, yet for much of his first term drew flak from impatient, skeptical activists who viewed him as too cautious, too politically expedient. They were frustrated he wouldn't endorse same-sex marriage — Obama cagily said he was "evolving" — and wanted him to move faster on several other issues.

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Snopes needs your help! Learn more. It just disturbs me and concerns me that we had a liar and a fraud in control for eight years.

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Barack Obama had recently been elected president; one of his early actions, in a reversal of Bush administration policy, was to sign a UN declaration calling for the decriminalisation of homosexuality. Meanwhile, the list of states to legalise same-sex marriage was steadily growing. The prospect of a documentary about state-sanctioned LGBT discrimination, in short, seemed more like a valuable history lesson than a topical work of activism. That context, meanwhile, remains relatively little known: although the lavender scare was closely allied with the anti-communist campaign led by Joseph McCarthy, it has received far less historical exposure and analysis than its red counterpart.

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Former Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe died on Friday at age 95, and the world has remembered him for some of the bold statements he made over the years. From comments on white people to South Africa's former president Nelson Mandela, here are some of Mugabe's quotes:. That was an ANC minister who was saying that.

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With the establishment of the United States following the American Revolutionsuch crimes as " sodomy " were considered to be a capital offense in some states, while cross-dressing was considered a felony punishable by imprisonment or other forms of corporal punishment. He included several LGBT terms in his book. Webster, however, focused on terms for gay sexual practices and ignored lesbian sexual practices : bugger[5] buggery[6] pathic[7] pederast[8] pederastic[9] pederasty[10] sodomy[11] and sodomite[12] He occasionally cited the King James Version.

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Write to Katy Steinmetz at katy. He also says that he supports affirmative action for gays and lesbians. Ina copy of his typed responses was unearthed and printed in the Windy City Times.

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There is no RationalWiki without you. We are a small non-profit with no staff — we are hundreds of volunteers who document pseudoscience and crankery around the world every day. We will never allow ads because we must remain independent. We cannot rely on big donors with corresponding big agendas.

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Jump to main content. Jump to navigation. From major legislative achievements to historic court victories to important policy changes, the President has fought to promote the equal rights of all Americans — no matter who they are or who they love.

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