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This has never been done in Spain on such a scale; the plan is to recycle liters of pee per day. This project aims to communicate, in a surprising and fun manner, that there are ways to recycle that might be highly unusual, although very interesting and effective. DGTL will install special toilet cabins, which will provide information on ecological issues such as the nitrogen cycle, the phosphorus crisis and water scarcity.

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A Danish brewery is using 50, litres of urine collected from the largest music festival in Northern Europe to produce a novelty beer aimed at the more adventurous drinker. We thought it would be a great idea also to go into recyclable beer. The 50, litres collected from that festival resulted in enough malting barley to brew around 60, bottles of Pisner beer.

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How would you feel about drinking your own urine? To most, it is a measure that would only be taken in the direst of circumstances. However, astronauts on the International Space Station ISS have been drinking recycled urine every day for the past decade. Inthe ISS installed the Water Recovery System, a wastewater recycling device which converts urine, sweat, and atmospheric moisture into drinking water.

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In the Aug. A new system would turn pee into drinking water and produce energy, a step toward long-term space travel. Every day, you flush a liter or two of urine down the toilet.

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Astronauts who live on the International Space Station drink their own urinewhich is recycled into purified and potable water. San Diego-based Stone Brewing recently showed off its aptly named Full Circle Pale Ale a one-time event, so it's not currently for salewhich is made of recycled water. Mayor Kevin Faulconer declared it delicious.

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Aarav - Mar 11,am IST. The people behind a would-be space hotel called Aurora Station say that water will be imported from Earth instead of recycling urine. Orion Span, the company behind the luxurious space hotel concept called Aurora Station, seems to go all the way with the idea of luxury, and costly of course.

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News from the septic tank appears to be all the rage as of late, and it seems as though NASA is also on board. The actual conversion process is fairly simple. To avoid the messiness of zero-gravity fluid transfers, waste liquid is drawn by syringe through a T-shaped valve. On the other end of the valve is the receptacle bag, and a switch is flipped to seamlessly transfer the waste liquid with the filled syringe.

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After five days of tinkering, astronauts aboard the International Space Station ran their first successful test Tuesday of equipment that turns urine into drinking water. Should we try this at home? November 26,

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All rights reserved. Seth True of Best Septic Service pumps urine from a gallon tank for transfer to the farm. A family of three can produce this much urine in eight months.


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